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Little princess Koriand’r, additionally called Starfire, are a person in the latest Adolescent Titans plus one of one’s five head protagonists off Teen Titans Wade!. Even though this intergalactic princess has actually dilemmas adjusting in order to World lifestyle, she accounts for because of it along with her adorable seems, good-natured temperament, and you may disastrous superpowers thanks to the girl kind and you will tests by the Psion researchers.


Originating from brand new faraway planet out of Tamaran, Little princess Koriand’r got a surfacing future ahead of their; she is actually second lined up in order to leadership as a queen. Although not, since the found in this new event Mr Butt, it brought about a sour rivalry anywhere between Koriand’r along with her elderly and you may unfit-to-rule sibling, Blackfire. [1]

Immediately after leaking out regarding this lady captives, this new Tamaranian flew to Environment, an extremely strange destination to their. From the episode “Flashback”, an effective superhero entitled Robin discovered Starfire (the name she was now going by) trying eat a cat, whom she believe was a planet delicacy. Regardless of if the guy found this lady strange, Robin try fascinated with brand new alien’s fuel And beauty, and thus he gave the lady an enthusiastic audition so you’re able to his the latest teenager superhero team. Initially, exhibiting done incompetence no thinking-discipline, Starfire plus the other denies at some point receive their ways on the newly shaped Teenager Titans.

A person in the group since that time, Starfire has been seeking strive crime and getting used to Planet lives with as much optimism and you can cheerfulness as she will be able to.


“Starfire is actually an enthusiastic alien incapable of fit in and you can find out the ways Planet while you are riding Robin wild with unrequited dog love.” [2]

Being raised inside the a totally different alien society, Starfire has already established trouble understanding Planet’s ways. She has not even were able to totally realize English grammar otherwise rates of address yet ,; she does such things as state the expression “the” prior to really nouns. This causes the woman dilemmas within the periods like “Knowledge”. Starfire’s always carrying out unusual activities, and even though the Titans you will need to place her towards correct movement, they from time to time benefit from their naivety. Eg, it ripped off this lady with the believing in another Xmas into the “Next Christmas”. She is together with seen licking the woman dogs Silkie in a number of attacks in an effort to “bathe” him.

The fresh warmongering ways Tamaran have influenced Starfire, once the she periodically converts really unlawful. As an example, towards the end off “Starfire the new Dreadful”, she are nearly about to carry out Robin since if it have been just another errand. And, Starfire seriously injured all four Titans from the episode “Los angeles Larva de Amor” when they temporarily forgotten her animals, Silkie. Despite searching very simple and you may innocuous, you can rest assured you to she’s an extremely cruel side so you can this lady personality. In fact, just when incensed she can getting instead threatening of the resorting to having extortion (such as for example blackmailing Superman which have an effective Kryptonite in “Lbs Kittens”), however, she’s as well as unable to getting criticism very well (namely inside the “Real Art” when she, and additionally Rainbow Raider, caught up their four members of the family from the museum because they provided their cat color severe criticism).

Oftentimes, however, Starfire may be very enjoying and warmhearted. Deeply taking good care of her teammates, she takes into account her or him the lady best friends (even if Robin is always seeking more out of the woman). She even food this lady opponents which have generosity, since observed in “Morning meal Cheddar”. As epitome out of jesus, Starfire commonly contrasts new always competitive Titans together with her inflammation and you may affection.