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Q: If the my partner data bankruptcy, would I need to file case of bankruptcy? A: No. Married someone can be file case of bankruptcy instead of their partners.

Q: What takes place to my cosigner if i file bankruptcy? A: Your personal bankruptcy release is actually personal to you personally. When you will not be asked to pay their discharged debts, the fresh new expenses continue to exist for anyone more who’s responsible for the individuals costs, instance cosigners or joint accountholders, and they will still have to repay her or him.

Q: I’ve already recorded bankruptcy proceeding shortly after; do i need to document once more? A: Sure, but you may need to waiting. The solution utilizes if for example the past bankruptcy proceeding is a part 7 otherwise a part 13; if your acquired a release; and if or not you now need certainly to file Chapter 7 or Section thirteen. (more…)