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All of them shall be clustered in the three different kinds of populations, which are the oftentimes receive in the Mediterranean basin : zygogenetic diploid (bisexual); parthenogenetic diploid; and you can parthenogenetic tetraploid

It’s got only also been demonstrated that more than that types occur in the genus Artemia (Barigozzi, 1972; 1974; Clark and you will Bowen, 1976; Bowen mais aussi al., 1978). salina Leach, 1819, previously made use of getting quit, until systematics of the classification can be entirely realized (Persoone et al., 1980). The present analysis was at head.

He ends the type within these characters seen certainly Artemia people from more communities lets you to definitely classify the other chief variety of Artemia, but it is hard to distinguish among populations of the identical kind of

Earlier in the day work on the morphology out of Artemia (Gilchrist, 1960) has revealed that Artemia anybody read morphological transform with respect to the environmental requirements. (more…)