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You have seen a scene along these lines one ahead of: A person woman stomping the girl legs, sobbing cutely, pouting the girl lips and you may and come up with eyes from the the girl sweetheart. “Lao Gong,” she might say, putting up the woman sound so you can end up like that a great petulant man, “you’re very terrible. You understood how much I needed people boots, therefore ran and you can ordered yourself another mobile alternatively, very unjust! Humph!” She you’ll mix the lady palms and look another ways, that is this lady boyfriend’s cue supply into the, to tell her he would pick their 12 sets from boots when the she desired him to help you, one to her contentment is far more crucial than simply state, and work out book. If you’ve ever observed it from a good Chinese woman (or at least come towards researching stop of these a screen) then you certainly be aware that you will find a term having eg behavior, “sa jiao.”