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Jeannie Tarkenton

Having the majority of the woman job, Jeannie was an administrator during the and agent towards knowledge and you will nonprofit society from inside the Atlanta. Thanks to her feel performing near to lower and you can modest earnings family members looking to reasonable entry to knowledge, she turned into passionately looking resolving difficulty confronted of the a good high portion of the All of us: Youngsters out of family without generational riches have been turned aside by banking institutions you to definitely required good co-signer required an approach to supply last-pit loans to end school.

When you look at the 2015, she founded Capital U to provide an accountable ‘history gap’ financing option for hard-working pupils and you will household. During the 2020 Funding You are a beneficial FinTech commander. The company seems the choice credit screen to have ‘thin file’ underserved young people. (more…)