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15. Material Us to Bed

Backwards, turn backwards, O Big date, on your journey, Create me personally a child once again for just this evening! Mom, go back in the echoless shore, Just take myself once more towards the cardio as of yore; Kiss regarding my personal forehead new furrows off worry, Easy the gold posts out-of my locks; More my slumbers their loving see continue;- Rock me to sleep, mom, – stone us to bed!

Backward, disperse backwards, O wave of decades! I am so weary out-of toil as well as tears,- Toil as opposed to recompense, tears all-in vain,- Take them, and give me my personal young people once more! We have sex weary out of soil and you may decay,- Weary off flinging my spirit-money away; Tired off growing for other individuals to experience;- Rock us to bed, mom – material me to bed!

Sick and tired of the fresh empty, the base, the new not true, Mother, O mom, my cardio need your! Of many a summer the fresh grass has grown environmentally friendly, Flourished and faded, our very own confronts between: Yet, which have good wanting and you will romantic discomfort, Long I this evening for your exposure againe from the silence very enough time and so deep;- Stone us to sleep, mother, – stone me to sleep!

Over my personal heart, throughout the months which can be flown, No love eg mother-like ever before provides shone; Not one worship abides and suffers,- Devoted, unselfish, and diligent such your own: None instance a parent can be charm aside serious pain On ill soul plus the world-tired head. (more…)