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Boris Johnson is actually entered of the their spouse, Carrie, on stage shortly after delivering their keynote address from the Old-fashioned people fulfilling. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA

Boris Johnson was inserted from the their spouse, Carrie, on stage just after getting his keynote message at Old-fashioned class appointment. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA

H e has insisted people should be addressed with “esteem and dignity”, investing this week’s Tory party meeting reaffirming his commitment to ladies legal rights, but Boris Johnson have a long reputation of while making less-than-sincere statements on the females.

Malaysian female head to college to locate a husband

Johnson try overheard kidding that the boost in the amount of females gonna college in the Malaysia was right down to their wish to discover a husband.

He generated the fresh new reic Financial Forum (WIEF) on Area Hallway, inside the London area, in which the guy searched alongside the Malaysian finest minister, Najib Razak.

Asked about brand new part of females during the Islamic societies, Razak told you: “Ahead of coming here, my officials has actually informed me that newest university intake into the Malaysia, a great Muslim country, 68% would-be lady typing our colleges.”

Single mothers

When you look at the a line toward Spectator, written in 1995 within the headline “The male intercourse is always to fault for the terrible proliferation from single parents”, Johnson blogged:

We fault a man gender with the terrible growth from single parents, that John Redwood enjoys truthfully alluded, for which 500,100 women have chosen so you’re able to get married the state.

J’accuse people to be accountable for a personal breakdown that’s costing people, as the taxpayers, ?9.1bn a-year, and you will that’s creating a manufacturing from sick-raised, ignorant, competitive and you can illegitimate pupils who in theory might possibly be purchasing our very own retirement benefits. (more…)