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From the viewpoint out-of matrimony, women in the brand new attention of Sassanids try classified with the five chief versions: Padishah-zan (king spouse), Chagar-zan (servant girlfriend), Yog-zan, Sater-zan and Khudsar-zan (self-entrusted, self-dependent), most of the benefitting regarding the civil rights differentially. Padishah-zan fully preferred the fresh civil-rights. It wife could sue the girl partner (Sanjana & Sanjana, 1874–1928 ) and you will ensure it is him immediately after his demise, and you will preside along side family unit members (West, 1882 ). With regards to the spiritual courses of Mazdak, the marriage ceremonies happened in almost any models. The main points of these marriages, the consequences and financial connections involving the partners is actually checked out from inside the which papers. This new Sassanid’s boy looking at breakup was required to visit the court, and you will document an evidence of divorce proceedings out of their wife.

Qualifications of your own companion was in a manner that the new partner wasn’t permitted to get off his wife due to sexual temptations towards almost every other lady

Through the which papers, the fresh baseless site out-of orientalists towards rights of your own Sassanid’s women can be critically looked at, and therefore the female’s relationship business, divorce case and you can heredity could be briefly discussed. (more…)