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The study lined up to describe all round and you will many years-certain style off written abortions off 1996 so you’re able to 2011 with a passionate emphasis on socio-group properties and you can contraception entry to people that have got recite abortions in the Estonia.


Study was basically retrieved on Estonian Medical Beginning and also you have a tendency to Abortion Registry and you will Analytics Estonia. Complete created abortion number, pricing, percentages and . The commission change in just how many recite abortions to the chosen socio-market subgroups, contraception fool around with and you can beginning out-of triggered abortions yes Estonians and reasonable-Estonians into the basic, second, third, next and you will following abortions are computed towards the periods 1996–2003 and you can 2004–2011.


Observed layout and 16-year degree weeks expressed a considerable reduction of created abortions having a reduction in abortion rates away from 57.1%, that has been essentially associated with the more youthful cohorts. Brand new percentage of people in the process of recite abortions dropped steadily off 63.8% from 1996–2003 so you can 58.0% throughout the 2004–2011. The newest percentage of ladies in the whole process of repeat abortions alternatively smaller along side sixteen ages contained in this most of the chosen socio-market subgroups however, one of girls that have sensible educational attainment and you will people. Contained in this and when months, a greater part of lower-Estonians than just Estonians gone through recite abortions and you can obtained third and you’ll then abortions. Most women avoid that birth prevention form just before the first or then abortion. (more…)